A – English words, sentences and so forth…

1 – ASTROLOGER – a person who studies the movements of the planets and stars to understand people and/or predict the future and provide advice. Heather’s astrologer explained that 2014 would be a difficult year for her professionally, given the location of Mars and Saturn.

2 – TO ABUSE – to use something for the wrong porpuse; to use too much of something in a way that is unfair or harmful to other people. Why do so many dictators abuse their power?

3 – ACCOUNTING – the study of recording financial transactions in a systematic, responsible way. Does your company use the accrual method or the cash method of accounting?

4 – ACROSS STATE LINES – moving from one state to another; crossing two or more states. If they try to transport that stolen merchandise across state lines, they’ll be breaking laws in two or more states.

5 – APP – short for “application”; a piece of computer software that helps the user with a task. I downloaded an app to my phone last night, but I can’t find it now.

6 – APPLICATION – short for “application software”; a piece of computer software that helps the user with a task. This application allows me to organize my photos and videos.

7 – TO AVERT (ONE’S) GAZE – to turn one’s eyes away from someone or something; to focus one’s vision on something eles. The reporter warned viewers to avert their eyes, because the images would be upsetting.

8 – ASSET – something that is valuable and can be sold to receive cash. For most American families, their home is their greatest asset.

9 – ACQUISITION – purchase; the process of buying something so that one is the owner and has it. Pedro spent most of his life involved in the acquisition of expensive things, but as he became older, he realized that family and friends are more important.

10 – AFRICAN AMERICAN EXPERIENCE – a phrase used to talk about how African Americans experience life. Spike Lee and Tyler Perry are two movie directors who have made films about the African American experience.

11 – ASPIRING – wanting to do something and trying to become a type of person. Pierre works as a waiter to pay for his living expenses, but he’s also an aspiring rock musician.

12 – AFFORDABLE HOUSING – a place to live that doesn’t cost too much, so poorer people can afford to live there. The city is building more affordable housing as the price of renting a home in this area continues to go up.

13 – AGITATED – nervous, upset, and excited, with extra energy. Why does Victor become so agitated whenever he sees a police car? Do you think he committed a crime?

14 – AIRBORNE – traveling or transmitted by air; being passed among people through the air they breathe. HIV and AIDS aren’t airborne, so it’s perfectly safe to talkto people who are sick in that way.

15 – TO AMBUSH (SOMEONE) – to attack someone unexpectedly as a surprise. The deer were ambushed by hunters.

16 – ADAGE – proverb; a common phrase repeated many times by many people, usually with wisdom or advice. When Juan and his girlfriend broke up, people tried to comfort him with an old adage: “There are other fish in the sea.”

17 – TO ALTERNATE BETWEEN – to switch back and forth between two things; to first do A, then do B, then do A, etc. For major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, they alternate between his parents’ home in Colorado and her parents’ home in Nebraska.

18 – AUCTION – an event where items are sold to the person willing to pay the highest price for them. When the Jeffersons passed away, their children organized an auction to sell off their art collection.

19 – ASSEMBLY – putting together pieces intended to fit with the others to create an object. The store keeps prices low by requiring customers to do their own assembly, rather than having employees put everything together.

20 – ALLEN WRENCH – a small, L-shaped metal tool with a hexagon (six-sided shape) at each end, used to turn screws with that same shape. You’ll need an Allen wrench to attach the bike rack to the car.

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