B – English words, sentences and so forth…

1 – BIOFUEL – a fuel (something that can be burned to produce energy) that is made from organic (plants and animals) substances. How much of corn grown in the United States is used for biofuel versus food?

2 – TO BEAT (SOMEONE) TO THE PUNCH – to do something before another person has an opportunity to do it. Henrietta wanted to suggest a change to the company’s policy on paid vacations, but one of her co-workers beat her to the punch.

3 – BARELY – nearly did not; only just. The child could barely speak when she saw that her parents had bought her the bicycle she wanted for her birthday.

4 – BABE – a beautiful, very attractive young woman. Nikolai often talks about the babes he went out with in college.

5 – BIKINI – a small, two-piece bathing suit for a woman, designed to allow other people to see a lot of her body. A competitive swimmer needs a strong, one-piece swimming suit, not a bikini.

6 – TO BE INTO (ONESELF) – to be very interested in oneself and one’s interests and appearance, and much less interested in other people; to be very self-centered and selfish. Owen is so into himself! During the hurricane, he kept worrying about what all the wind was doing to his hair, and didn’t seem to care that other people were losing their homes.

7 – TO BUY – to believe something; to be persuaded; to be convinced of something. Did you buy Linda’s story about how she lost her cell phone?

8 – BUSINESS ENTITY – a company, corporation, or firm; an organization that tries to make money by selling products or services. Have you structured your business entity as a partnership or a sole proprietorship?

9 – TO BEAR IN MIND – to remember; to think about something before acting. Thanks for your job interview advice. I’ll definitely bear it in mind.

10 – BEAUTY IS ONLY SKIN DEEP – a phrase meaning that a person’s physical beauty is only on the surface is not a good indicator of a person’s character. Lorna is certainly attractive, but beauty is only skin deep. I don’t like the way she treats her friends and family.

11 – TO BE UP ALL NIGHT – to stay awake all night, without sleeping at all. Jason was up all night with his wife at the hospital, but she still hasn’t given birth.

12 – TO BOUNCE OFF THE WALLS – to have a lot of energy and be very active, in a partly uncontrolled way. Our kids had cake, ice cream, and soda at the birthday party, and now they’re bouncing off the walls because they’ve had too much sugar.

13 – TO NOT BE ABLE TO WAIT TO SEE THE BACK OF (SOMEONE) – to be very eager for someone to leave and no longer be involved in something. Joey was a terrible team member, and throughout the whole project, we couldn’t wait to see the back of him.

14 – TO BE RID OF – to no longer have someone or something, especially an unpleasant person or thing. It feels great to finally be rid of all that junk that was in the garage!

15 – TO BITE (ONE’S) TONGUE – to stop talking immediately, especially when one has been saying bad things. Bite your tongue! I never want to hear you say anything like that again.

16 – BIOTERRORIST ATTACK – na event where a person or a small group of people tries to hurt and frighten a much larger group of people by using a microscopic (too small to be seen with the eyes) living creature to make them sick or to kill them, usually because of a disagreement over politics or ideas. What is the government doing to protect citizens from a bioterrorist attack that targets the water supply?

17 – BIOLOGICAL WARFARE – a type of fighting between two countries that uses microscopic (too small to be seen with the eyes) living creatures to sicken or kill the people of the other country. The problem with biological warfare is that there’s no way to protect your own country’s population from the weapons, since the biological agents can affect anyone and everyone.

18 – BACTERIUM – a microscopic (too small to be seen), single-celled organism, including one that can cause disease. How many bacteria live inside the digestive system of a typical human adult?

19 – IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE – very quickly or rapidly; almost immediately. In the blink of an eye, Rimma lost control of the car and crashed into a tree.

20 – TO BACK OUT – change one’s mind and decide not to do something that one has already committed to doing. Once we sign this partnership agreement, we can’t back out.

21 – BED REST – time spent lying down in a bed, usually because one’s body is very weak and needs to rest. The doctor ordered bed rest for Lia in the last two months of her preganancy.

22 – TO BID – to state how much one will pay for something in a competitive environment with two or more buyers. At the school fundraiser, parents bid on items donated by local businesses.

23 -BUY-IT-NOW – the price at which someone can buy something immediately in an auction, without having to bid against other people or wait for the end of the auction. The buy-it-now price is five times higher than anyone would pay for it. Look how low the bids are in comparison.

24 – BENT – not straight; crooked. The spoon is bent from when we tried to use it to scoop ice cream.

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