C – English words, sentences and so forth…

1 – CHESS – a game that is played on a piece of heavy cardboard or wood that is put on a table, with two or more players moving pieces in special ways to win the game. Grandpa tried to teach me to play chess, but I could never remember how each piece is allowed to move.

2 – CHILD PRODIGY – someone who has an exceptional ability to do something well at an early age. Jermain’s daughter was a child prodigy in music and coult play six instruments well by the time she was only seven years old.

3 – COLLUSION – making secretive agreements to give someone an unfair advantage. We have evidence of collusion between government officials and the company that got the job to fix major freeways.

4 – CIRCUMSTANCE – the way that something is; the state or condition of something; a detail that changes one’s view of an event or a fact. We can’t imagine any circumstances under which anyone would say those hurtful things.

5 – TO CONVERT – to transform; to change something from one thing into another. How can I convert a weight from pounds to kilos?

6 – COURSE OF TREATMENT – a series of things the doctor does to cure you or make your better. We decided on this course of treatment for my father.

7 – TO CONSULT – to speak with someone to ask for and receive advice or guidance. Let’s consult with the engineering team before we continue working on these designs.

8 – CHARLATAN – someone who pretends to be very intelligent or skillful and claims to be able to do something, but actually is not and cannot. That doctor is a charlatan! His diagnosis was completely wrong and I doubt he even went to medical school!

9 – CON ARTIST – a person who tricks other people to get money from them. Edgar dated a woman who disappeared one day with his most valuable possessions and later he found out that she was a con artist.

10 – TO CROSS THE LINE – to go too far; to upset others by taking something to an extreme, going beyond the normal limits or standards. Barry has always been a difficult boss to work for, but he crossed the line when he started yelling at his employees in front of clients.

11 – CONSISTENT WITH – agreeing with; having the same form or idea as. These new tax laws are not consistent with the laws that already exist.

12 – TO COINCIDE WITH – to be at the same place or time; to be of the same opinion. My father’s visit will coincide with the basketball playoffs games.

13 – TO CHECK OUT – to look at and pay attention to someone or something. Check out that couch! Wouldn’t that look great in our living room?

14 – TO CONSOLIDATE – to put two or more things together so that they form one strong unit; to unite or combine. These consolidated financial statements show the profitability of all our offices, not just our headquarters.

15 – CAFFEINE – a chemical substance found in coffee, black tea, colas, and chocolate that gives people extra energy and helps them stay awake. What has more coffeine: a cup of coffee or a shot of espresso?

16 – COMEUPPANCE – a punishment that someone deserves; a negative consequence of bad behavior, especially when one has been acting in a superior or negative way toward others. Justin spent the past few months bragging about this new job, so when he was fired, it was his comeuppance.

17 – CHILDCARE CENTER – a facility or institution (but not a school) that take care of young children, usually while their parents are working. It’s so hard to find a childcare center that has openings for very young babies!

18 – CAKEWALK – something that is very easy to do; something simple to accomplish. After taking advanced classes this summer, algebra will be a cakewalk.

19 – COLD – a minor illness, usually with a stuffy and/or runny nose, headache, sore throat, and cough. Pierre caught a bad cold, so he won’t be coming to work today.

20 – TO CHEER UP – to become happier; to improve one’s attitude or outlook. Maybe this joke will help you cheer up!

21 – TO CRY OVER SPILLED MILK – to be very disappointed and continue to think about something bad that happened, when one has no control over it and cannot undo it. They lost a lot of money in the stock market, but there’s no use crying over spilled milk. They’ll just have to work even harder now.

22 – CURRENT BID – the highest bid at the moment when the auction has not ended yet, so the price might increase if more bids are received. We’ll keep bidding for a while, but if the current bid gets to $300 we’ll need to drop out.

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