D – English words, sentences and so forth…

1 – TO DEFEND (ONE’S) TITLE – for a champion or winner to try to win again; to attempt to win a second time. Roberta is defending her title as winner of the bowling tournament.

2 – TO DIAGNOSE – to find the problem. The gardener diagnosed the problem with my plant and now it’s healthy.

3 – DEAL BREAKER – something that makes it impossible for one to do something, because it is unacceptable and cannot be negotiated. Jenna has many friends, but smoking is a deal breaker for her. She will never spend time socially with anyone who smokes.

4 – DON’T YOU BELIEVE IT – a phrase used to contradict what another person has said, meaning that one disagrees with the other person and thinks he or she is incorrect. A: Mom said she’s going to host a simple Thanksgiving meal this year. B: Don’t you believe it! She says that every year, but then she makes it too fancy and ends up spending days in the kitchen.

5 – DILAPIDATED – in very bad condition and falling apart, usually used for buidings and other structures. We tore down that dilapidated shed in the backyard to have room for a vegetable garden.

6 – TO DETERIORATE – for the condition of someone or something to get worse. It’s a fact of life that as we get older, our health deteriorates.

7 – DROWSY – very sleepy and tired, almost falling asleep. If you ever feel drowsy while driving, please pull over and take a short nap.

8 – DOSE – the amount of medicine that should be taken at a particular time. The doctor increased the dose of his pain medication from 100mg to 150mg every four hours.

9 – TO DISCIPLINE – to provide appropriate negative consequences for bad behavior in an effort to teach someone how to act or to improve someone’s behavior over time. Would you ever hit your child to discipline her?

10 – TO DO (ONE’S) HOMEWORK – to thoroughly research or investigate something so that is fully prepared before something happens. Before Wynona anda Miguel started looking at homes, they did their homework by researching the neighborhood and schools.

11 – TO DETECT – to find or identify something; to find evidence of something. Smoke detectors are designed to detect a small amount of smoke, so that people can get out of the building before the fire gets too big.

12 – THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LIFE AND DEATH – something that is critically important and could save one’s life under certain circumstances. Wearing a seat belt can mean the difference between life and death in a car accident.

13 – DEHYDRATED – with the liquid taken out of something; without enough liquid in one’s body, so one feels ill and weak. People who run long distances on hot summer days need to drink a lot of water so that they don’t become dehydrated.

14 – DIAGRAM – a drawing, perhaps with a few words, that shows how something works or how something should be put together. This diagram illustrates how a simple electric circuit works.

15 – DESIGN FLAW – a mistake in the way that something was conceived and created, so that it cannot work as intended. The engineers discovered a design flaw when they realized that the gas pedal would hit the brake pedal when pressed all the way down.

16 – DEFECTIVE – not working properly; with an imperfection or problem. This cell phone is defective. It won’t make or receive calls.

17 – DRILL – an electric tool that puts a small hole into a wall or a piece of wood, usually used to create room for a screw. Use the drill to create small holes in the wall where you want to hang the shelf, and then it will be easier to insert the screws.

18 – DUCT TAPE – very strong, thick tape with one sticky side, traditionally used to connect ducts (passageways for heated or cooled air), but now often used to inexpensively fix many things. When the window broke, they sealed it with cardboard and duct tape.

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