E – English words, sentences and so forth…

1 – ENERGY SOURCE – a way of obtaining or getting the energy needed to power or operate machines. Someday we will run out of oil, so we need to find alternative energy sources.

2 – EFFICIENT – doing something well with a small amount of time, money, or other resources. We could make our factory more efficient if we found a way to use the heat that the machines generate to keep the buildings warm in the wintertime.

3 – TO ESCALATE – to become bigger and more serious, involving more people or other resources. At first, the cumputer virus only affected the sales computers, but the situation escalated very quickly, with all of the office computers affected.

4 – TO EXPEDITE – to cause something to move more quickly than normal; to make an action or process move more quickly. If we expedite these requests, we can have the project finished by next week.

5 – TO EXERCISE – to use an ability, right, or process; to do or implement something. Why don’t you exercise your excellent organizational skills by helping us improve this community organization?

6 – EXHIBITIONIST – someone who wants to be noticed by other people and does surprising and unexpected things to get other people to look at oneself. I think Andrei became a singer because he’s an exhibitionist who loves having an audience.

7 – EQUALS – people or organizations that have the same rights and responsibilities, with the same amount of importance or significance. In a perfect world, husbands and wives would be equals, but in reality, one person is usually the decision-maker.

8 – ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENT – certain requirements that determine whether one can participate in a program. One of the eligibility requirements to be on the school volleyball team is a note from your doctor saying that you’re in good health.

9 – ENERGY DRINK – a drink that contains ingredients designed to help someone stay awake and have a lot of energy and a high ability to perform. What percentage of college students use energy drinks when they’re preparing for exams?

10 – ELUSIVE – difficult to find or to catch; difficult to achieve. College students sometimes feel that a successful career is elusive when they can’t get their first job.

11 – TO EXIST – to be real; to be alive. Dou you think ghosts really exist?

12 – TO ESCAPE – to run away from something so that one is not affected by it. No one can escape death or taxes.

13 – ENTHUSIASM – excitement; a feeling of looking forward to doing something and wanting to do it. The third interviewee had the best qualifications for the job, but he didn’t show much enthusiasm for working in our company.

14 – EVERY CLOUD HAS A SILVER LINING – a phrase used to mean that every bad thing that happens has at least some good part, or that nothing is completely negative. It’s too bad you lost your job, but maybe you’ll find a better one. Remember, every cloud has a silver lining.

15 – EXTENSION – an additional telephone connected to the same line (phone number) as another phone in the same home or building. Why am I hearing so much noise from the kitchen? Did somebody pick up the extension there?

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