H – English words, sentences and so forth…

1 – HEAVY METAL – a type of rock music that sounds very harsh and loud, with a strong beat. Is Metallica your favorite heavy metal band, or do you prefer Megadeath?

2 – HYDROELECTRIC POWER PLANT – a construction that produces energy by having a large wall (dam) that holds back a lot of water, and that lets a small amount of water flow through at specific times when it is used to turn turbines that produce electricity. How do hydroelectric power plants make sure that salmon and other types of fish are able to swin on the rivers without being killed by the dams?

3 – HIGH RISK OPERATION – dangerous surgery. She decided to have the high risk operation against her doctor’s advice.

4 – HATE SPEECH – words that express very bad and mean things about other people based on their characteristics, such as their race (skin color) or sexual orientation, especially when used to make others feel the same way and/or act violently toward the group. The police are investigating an instance of hate speech to determine whether a crime has been committed.

5 – HUMAN RIGHT – something thal all people should be allowed to do under the law. Some people believe that a good education should be a basic human right.

6 – HOROSCOPE – a written description of one’s personality, what will happen to someone on a particular day, and how one should react, based on one’s birthday and the position of the stars and planets. According to my horoscope, today is a good day to make major decisions.

7 – TO BE HUNG – to be killed by having a rope pulled tight around one’s neck so that one cannot breathe and/or so that one’s neck breaks. The people in the town didn’t want to wait for the sheriff to arrive and thought that the killers should be hung right away.

8 – HOTTIE – someone who is very beatiful and sexually attractive. Apparently, Dave is dating a hottie, but I haven’t met her yey.

9 – TO HEAR THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE – to hear a rumor; to hear someone say that something is true or happening, but not have any proof and know that it may not actually be true. I heard through the grapevine that Joel and Noemi broke up. Is that true?

10 – HOSTILE TAKEOVER – an event where one company buys another without the approval of that company’s executives or board of directors. Nobody realized that Acme Corporation was buying shares in order to pursue a hostile takeover of the company.

11 – TO HAVE A BAD REPUTATION – for most people to not like something or someone because they have a bad feeling about it or they have heard a lot of bad things about it. Stay away from Julia’s brother. He has a bad reputation for the way he treats his girlfriends.

12 – HIGH-STRUNG – tense; with a lot of tension and anxiety; very alert; not relaxed. Caroline is a great doctor, but she’s too high-strung to work in the emergency room.

13 – HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN – a reference to a Biblical verse, “How the migthy have fallen in battle!” describing how someone who was very strong and powerful suddenly loses that strength or power, and/or has something taken away. Just five years ago, Acme was the market leader, but today it has a market share less than 10 percent. Oh, how the migthy have fallen!

14 – HIGHER-UP – an executive, a top manager, or a decision-maker; someone who has a lot of influence and decision-making power in an organization. The higher-ups are in a meeting to discuss the merger.

15 – HALLELUJAH – a phrase used in worship or to express joy, happiness, and appreciation; a cheer used to show one’s happines or enthusiasm. Did you hear that Quentin and Elena are getting maried? Hallelujah!

16 – HIT-AND-MISS – unpredictable; sometimes true or successful and other time false or unsuccessful. It’s hit-and-miss whether the market will have fresh strawberries this time of year.

17 – TO BE HOT ON (SOMEONE’S) TRAIL – to be very close to finding or catching someone or something. The hunter was hot on the deer’s trail, but the deer ran off.

18 – HEATING PAD – a thick, flexible piece of fabric that has electrical wires inside that produce heat, used for relaxation and/or pain relief when applied to the skin. Wynona’s feet are always cold, so she often puts a heating pad at the bottom of her bed.

19 – HAMMER – a heavy tool with a wooden handle and a metal piece at one end, used to hit nails and push them into wood. Lyle screamed in pain when he accidentally hit his thumb with his hammer.

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