L – English words, sentences and so forth…

1 – TO LEVITATE – to float in the air; to rise and remain in the air, as though lifted by magic. The magician levitated over the head of the audience and disappeared.

2 – LEAVE OF ABSENCE – a long period of time when one has permission to not go to work but can return to one’s job afferwards, perhaps to write a book, to conduct research, or to take care of oneself or a family member with medical problems. Has wants to take a one-year leave of absence to bike across the country.

3 – LOUD AND CLEAR – easily understood; direct and straightforward, with nothing hidden or obscured. When Peter was fired for being lazy, it sent a message that was loud and clear to all the other employees.

4 – LICENSED – with official permission from the government to provide a particular service or do a particular thing. Are you licensed to operate heavy machinery in this factory?

5 – LOTS – many; a lot. We eat lots of ice cream in July and August.

6 – LATE PICK-UP – permission to pick up a child after the regular time when a program ends and children are expected to be picked up. This preschool charges $1 per minute for late pick-up, so it’s really important for parents and other caregivers to pick up their children before 5:30.

7 – TO LIVE TO SEE THE DAY – to still be alive when an event finally happens, because one has wainting for it for a very long time and was doubting whether it would happen in one’s lifetime. I hope I never live to see the day when the company values making money more than it values employees.

8 – TO LOCATE – to find where someone or something is; to discover the place where someone or something can be found. If I can’t locate my car keys in the next 15 minutes, I’ll have to call my work to let them know I’ll be late.

9 – LIKE OIL AND WATER – not compatible; not able to get along; with many differences that make it difficult to build a relationship or reach an understanding. Even though they’re brothers, they have such different personalities that they’re like oil and water.

10 – LAST MINUTE – at the last possible opportunity to do something; immediately before something ends or closes. They paid their electric bill at the last minute, just before service would have been turned off.

11 – TO LIST (SOMETHING) – to upload information about something that is for sale onto a website where potential buyers can see and/or read about it. Did you list your baby clothes on eBay, or did you give them to friends?

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