M – English words, sentences and so forth…

1 – MATCH – game; a contest in which two or more sides compete against each other to win. What happened at today’s soccer match? Did you team win?

2 – MBA – Master Business Administration; an advanced degree that provides a broad education on functions used in the business world, such as management, finance, marketing, operations, and human resources. Jawad earned an MBA degree with a focus on financial analysis.

3 – MARKETING – the business function related to promoting and selling products and services, demonstrating how they meet customers’ needs. Our new marketing campaign is targeted at college-age women.

4 – TO MAKE (SOMETHING) ALL UP – to say something as if it is true, when one really does not have any proof and has thought of it oneself, without any supporting facts. Do you think people have really seen aliens, or are they just making it all up?

5 – MYSTIC – a person who is very spiritual and seems to have a close relationship with God or supernatural powers and is closer to the truth than most other people. Dio is a mystic, and many people ask him for guidance on spiritual matters.

6 – MILITIA – a group of people who were trained as soldiers, but are not part of the army. The townspeople were trained as militia to defend their homes in case the army couldn’t get there soon enough to help them.

7 – MASSACRE – when many people are killed violently, especially when it is unexpected and those people had no way to protect or defend themselves. No one knows who committed the massacre of over 100 people in this village.

8 – TO MERGEto combine two companies to form a new company. How many people will lose their jobs when the companies merge?

9 – TO MAKE A GOOD FIRST IMPRESSION – to be likeable to people the first time one meets them; for others to immediately like and respect a person after meeting him/her. The best way to make a good first impression is to dress nicely and make eye contact.

10 – TO MAKE A BREAK FOR IT – to leave unexpectedly and very quickly when one no longer wants to be in a particular situation. The boys stole a câmera from the store and tried to make a break for it, but a Police officer caught them.

11 – MAKE THAT – a phrase used to correct what one has just said, especially when talking about quantities. I’ll have an 8-ounce coffee, please. No, make that an 16-once coffee.

12 – MISERY – extreme suffering and sadness, especially resulting from being sick or not having enough money. Their inability to buy food and clothing for their children brings them misery.

13 – MINIMUM BID – the smallest bid that will be considered as a price; the smallest price that a buyer is allowed to offer. Setting a minimum bid lets the seller make sure that valuable items aren’t sold for a ridiculously low price.

14 – MAXIMUM BID – the greatest amount of money that one is willing to pay for something, especially when entered into a computer system that conducts the bidding automatically. Just enter your maximum bid, and the software program will automatically increase your bid up to that amount against other bidders.

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