N – English words, sentences and so forth…

1 – NAGGING PAIN – a pain that continues to hurt and that won’t go away. I can’t sleep at night because of the nagging pain in my back.

2 – NOT AT ALL – definitely not. I asked him if changing seats would cause a problem and he said, “Not at all.”

3 – NOT THAT… – short for “not something that” or “not anyone that”. I have nothing to wear in my closet, at least, not that I would wear to the party.

4 – NONSENSE – something that does not make any sense; something that is illogical or irrational; something that is silly and cannot be taken seriously. Many self-help books are nonsense, but some have good advice.

5 – NATURALIZATION – the process of becoming a citizen of a country. His parents are American citizens, so even though he was born in Thailand, he doesn’t have to go through the naturalization process.

6 – TO NOT KNOW THE MEANING OF (SOMETHING) – a phrase used to show that a word or phrase is not applicable to oneself, often used in a humorous way. You think Tim should relax? He doesn’t know the meaning of the word! That man would work 24 hours a day if he didn’t need to eat or sleep.

7 – NONJUDGMENTAL – not evaluating other people or things; not deciding whether something is good or bad; tolerant. A good priest has to be nonjudgmental, so that people are wiling to talk about their fears and doubts.

8 – NOT THE END OF THE WORLD – a phrase used to give someone comfort and help that person understand that the life continue, even though a bad or sad thing has happened. Yes, you lost your job, but it’s not the end of the world. You can wake up tomorrow and start looking for something different.

9 – NIGHTSTAND – a small table with drawers placed next to a bed, usually to hold a lamp, clock, and a glass of water. Before going to sleep each night, I put my glasses on the nightstand.

10 – NAIL – a straight long piece of metal with a pointed end, hit with a hammer to go through two or more layers to connect them. Do we have enough nails to put up six shelves on this wall?

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