O – English words, sentences and so forth…

1 – OUTRAGEOUS – very shocking and surprising, not according to the standards and expectations of society. Lorenza said some outrageous things about her best friend in front of the class to get attention, and she immediately regretted it.

2 – TO ORDER SOME TESTS – to have medical testes done to a patient. My eye doctor ordered some tests to find out why I’m having difficult seeing.

3 – OFFENSIVE – insulting; hurting other people’s feelings or sensibilities; rude and upsetting to other people. Jenna told the joke because she thought it was funny. She didn’t realize it would be so offensive to her co-workers.

4 – OBSCENITY – words, images, and actions that are very rude and offensive, especially in sexual way. The movie rated R due to obscenity and violence.

5 – TO BE OUT OF – to no longer have any. The storeowner said that he was out of fans, but he has ordered some more.

6 – TO OGLE – to stare at someone in an unpleasant way, especially in a sexually agressive way. Many women don’t fee comfortable walking by construction sites, because they think the men are ogling them.

7 – ONCE AND FOR ALL – finally and completely; a phrase used when something has happened that one has been anticipating for a long time, and that thing is definite and final. Why do we keep arguing about the same things over and over again? Let’s really talk about it and get things clear up once and for all.

8 – TO OBSERVE – to monitor; to watch something as it is happening, without participating in it; to see how something is occuring or how someone is performing. Scientist are trained to observe what occurs without influencing them.

9 – OPEN-MINDED – willing to consider and accept new ideas and opinions that may not be what one previously thought. I really don’t like the idea of painting the house bright orange, but I’m trying to remain open-minded.

10 – TO OUTBID (SOMEONE) – to place a bid that is higher than another person’s bid, resulting in the other person not being able to buy the item in the auction. They have enough cash to outbid everyone else at the auction.

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