W – English words, sentences and so forth…

1 – TO WASTE – to not use something fully; to throw away or destroy something that could have been used by others for a particular purpose. If you turn off the water while brushing your teeth, you can avoid wasting so much water.

2 – WIND POWER – a way to create energy by using the natural wind to move large pieces of metal in a circle to produce energy. Wind power is great for the environment, but many people complaun about the way an area lolks once it is covered in wind turbines.

3 – THE WAVE OF THE FUTURE – something that will become very popular and commonplace or normal in the future. Working from home and connecting to the office online is the wave of the future.

4 – WHAT GOD GAVE (ONE) – a phrase used to describe the natural atributes and/or physical appearance that person has, based on genectis, not the changes one has made to one’s body. Cristina is considering getting plastic surgery to her nose to improve on what God gave her.

5 – WIRED – with a lot of nervous energy and excitement, unable to fully control one’s actions and words, especially when one is under the influence of a medicine or a chemical substance. The new medication reduces Bryant’s pain, but it makes him so wired that he can’t sleep.

6 – WICKED WITCH – a woman with magical powers used for evil (doing bad things), a reference to the movie The Wizard of Oz. Shelby’s new boss is a wicked witch who does everything she can to make life miserable for the employees.

7 – WILLINGLY – voluntarily; agreeing to do something without being forced to do it. Why would you willingly pay more in taxes than you’re required to pay?

8 – WARNING – advance notification that something bad is going to happen; a statement to be careful that allows people to prepare for a bad thing. Do you think scientists will ever be able to give warnings long before earthquakes happen?

9 – THAT’S WHAT YOU THINK – a phrase used to show one’s disagreement with what another person has just said.

A: If you don’t study, you’re going to fail the test.

B: That’s what you think! I never study for tests.

10 – TO WIN (SOMEONE) OVER – to change someone’s opinion in one’s favor slowly, over time; to gradually make a person like a person or thing. Nobody liked the new sales campaign at first, but we gradually won over the salespeople as they saw their comissions increase.

11 – TO WORK UP – to generate; to create a feeling or emotion; to get excited about something. What can the public schools do to work up interest in careers in science, technology, engeneering, and math?

12 – TO WAKE UP ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE BED – to be in a very bad mood, possibly without an explanation, for an entire day, from the moment one wakes up. I’m sorry you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, but please don’t take it out on us!

13 – TO WALLOW – to enjoy being sad, trying to get attention or sympathy from other people. I’m sorry your favorite mirror broke, but that’s no reason to wallow in tears.

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