P – English words, sentences and so forth…

1 – PROCEDURE – a series of activities or steps. Does anyone know the procedure for installing this program?

2 – PASSED AWAY – died; no longer living. My grandmother passed away when I was only four years old.

3 – TO PROTEST – to fight against something; to express one’s disagreement or disapproval; to oppose in a public way, usually with many other people. Did you participate in the anti-war protests when you were a college student?

4 – PROTECTED – with laws that prevent something from being harmed or damaged. This natural area is protected, so no hunting is allowed.

5 – PREDICTION – a statement about what will happen in the future, or what one believes will happen in the future, when it is impossible to know for sure. A lot of people made predictions about who win the presidential election, but many of them were wrong.

6 – PHONY – fake; not real or true; false. Did Lyle really propose to his girlfriend with a phony diamond ring?

7 – PRESUMABLY – assumptions or things that we think are true, even though we don’t have any evidence or proof. The girls presumably swim very well, or their parents would never have let them go waterskiing with their friends.

8 – PRETTY BOY – a man who cares a lot about his physical appearance and spends a lot of time and money trying to make himself more handsome. I could never marry a pretty boy who spends more time in front of the mirror than I do!

9 – TO POSE – to position one’s body in a particular way, especially for a photograph, usually to appear more beautiful or powerful. The photographer asked Jenna to pose with her left shoulder and her hand on her hip.

10 – PUBLIC HOUSING – buildings where people live owned by the government, usually for the poor. Without public housing, many poor families would homeless.

11 – POLICY – an official way of doing something, usually written down and shared with all employees. All employees have to sign a confidentiality policy, promising not to share company secrets with people outside of the company.

12 – PRACTICAL – interested in results and able to get things done through a hands-on, logical, effective approach. Sure, it would be fun to travel in a flying car, but it doesn’t seem very practical.

13 – TO PIN (SOMEONE) DOWN – to force someone to make a decision about something; to understand or describe someone clearly. Manuel tried to pin his boss down about when he will be allowed to take his next vacation.

14 – TO POOH-POOH – to belittle an idea; to indicate that something is unimportant, unnecessary, or silly. Ana Maria was highly offended when the bank’s loan officer pooh-poohed her business plan.

15 – PRECAUTION – an action intended to prevent something from happening or to protect oneself while something happens. In the weeks before their baby was born, they covered all the outlets and locked away cleaning supplies as precaution.

16 – TO PASS MUSTER – to be acceptable; to meet some minimum standard or expectation. If these designs don’t pass muster with the client, we’ll have to start over again.

17 – TO PUT ON (ONE’S) GAME FACE – a facial expression used to hide one’s emotions and make one seem stronger, especially when entering a competition or a difficult situation. Make sure to put on your game face before we start the negotiations.

18 – PLATITUDE – an expression or statement that is very common and has been heard many times, and is no longer interesting or helpful. Julian wanted to be inspiring, but he could only think of platitudes, like, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.”

19 – PLENTY OF FISH IN THE SEA – a phrase used to mean that there are many single men and women with whom one can have a relationship, or that there are many other possibilities for a romantic relationship. Trent was sad for a little while after his girlfriend left him, but he knew there were plenty of fish in the sea and he was looking forward to dating other women.

20 – PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT – a phrase used to mean that one should do something many times to learn how to do it very well, or that if one practices enough, one will learn to do it well. The first year of playing violin was really bard, but practice makes perfect and now he’s pretty good.

21 – POLLYANNA – the main character in the 1913 novel Pollyanna; someone who is always happy, cheerful, and optimistic. Ingrid is such a Pollyanna that anyone near her begins smiling and laughing.

22 – TO PLACE – to enter, set, establish, or register something. Did you place the order on the store’s website or over the phone?

23 – PART – a piece; a component of a larger machine or object. This toy has small parts and may be dangerous for young children.

24 – PARTICLEBOARD – a cheap material made by compressing (pushing tightly together) many small pieces of wood, used as a substitute for more expensive, solid wood. This bookcase is made from particleboard, so it must be painted because the surface doesn’t look very good otherwise.

25 – PLYWOOD – a wooden board made from layers that are glued together. Plywood is strong, but not as beautiful as real, solid wood.

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