R – English words, sentences and so forth…

1 – RIVALRY – competition in the same field; competition to be the best in a specific field, especially over a long period of time. Microsoft and Apple’s rivalry in the computer field has result in a lot of advances in technology.

2 – TO REVOKE – to have taken away; to be required to give back something that one has won or has been given. The judge revoked Millie’s driver’s license when she drove while drunk.

3 – RENEWABLE ENERGY – energy that comes from natural resources that cannot be depleted (cannot run out), like sun, wind, and water. Many people say they care about environment, but how many of them are willing to pay more for renewable energy?

4 – TO RECYCLE – to take a used item and break it into its components (parts or pieces) so that they can be used to make a new item again. In most cities, people can recycle plastic containers, but not the lids.

5 – ROUTINE TESTS – regular tests, not special ones. The doctor ordered some routine tests for my doughter.

6 – TO REFER – to be given a recommendation to see someone. My friend referred me to a good car mechanic.

7 – TO RELIEVE – to reduce or stop pain. I took the pills and it relieved my shoulder pain.

8 – READING – the act of having one person predict another person’s future based on looking at that person’s palm (the inside of one’s hand), tea leaves, “tarot cards” (playing cards used to predict the future), and more. When Miriam was having trouble deciding whether she wanted to move to a new city, she decided to have a reading.

9 – RIGHT OF FREE SPEECH – the legally protected ability to express one’s opinions and thoughts. News reporters rely on the right of free speech to write unfavorable stories about important people in power.

10 – RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY – property and buildings where peope live, such as homes, apartments, and condominiums. Our real estate agent specializes in selling residential properties.

11 – REPUTATION – a measure of whether a person or organization is viewed positively or negatively by most people. Professor Wiliamson has a reputation for asking really difficult questions on the midterm exams.

12 – RATIO – proportion; the relationship between two amounts showing the number of times one value contains or is contained within the other. If you want to have a good compost pile, you need to pay attention to the ratio of brown materials, like dead leaves, to green materials, like grass clippings.

13 – TO RUN THE GAUNTLET – to experience many problems or threats, based on a punishment in which a person must run between two lines of people who are hitting that person. Buying a new house was like running the gauntlet, but in the end everything worked out.

14 – AS READY AS (ONE) WILL EVER BE – a phrase used to show that one is not feeling confident about doing something, but has done as much preparation as possible and is agreeing to make it happen. After weeks of studying, Benjamin is as ready he’ll ever be to take the college entrance exam.

15 – RECOVERY – the moment at which one feels better after one has been sick or injured; the moment when one has full use of one’s body again. The doctors anticipate a partial recovery within the next few days, but it could be years before Nakasuro has a full recovery.

16 – RESERVE – the minimum price at which something will be sold; a price set by the owner of an item that, if not met, results in the item not being sold. The bidding has been pretty slow. They haven’t even reached the reserve yet.

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