T – English words, sentences and so forth…

1 – TREATMENT OPTIONS – choices for medical care. After thinking about all of the treatment options, I decided to take the medication.

2 – TO TAKE THE PLUNGE – to decide to do something that is risky or scary. You’ve been writing short stories for years. Now it’s time to take the plunge and send them to a publisher.

3 – THE MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE – a phrase by Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan, meaning that the way in wich a message is delivered affects its meaning and how it is understood. Our company is trying to identify the best ways to communicate with customers. After all, the medium is the message.

4 – IN THE STARS – fated; related to one’s destiny; something that is meant to happen in the future and cannot be changed by one’s actions or decisions. When Justin met Charlene, he knew that she would become his wife. To him, it felt like it was written in the stars.

5 – TO BE TAKEN IN – to be tricked or fooled; for someone to somehow lie to another person, usually in order to make money. Hundreds of people were taken in by the email fraud that provided their credit card information to thieves.

6 – TEST PREP – test preparation; the process of studying for an exam, focusing on the type of material covered and the format of the test, in order to get the highest score possible. The test prep course really helped me master the math questions.

7 – TO TAKE (SOMEONE) SERIOUSLY – to truly consider what another person is doing or saying, without thinking that the person is foolish or silly. If you go to a job interview with bright pink hair, do you think it will be hard for the employer to take you seriously?

8 – TALL, DARK, AND HANDSOME – a phrase used to describe the perfect man that many women are looking for, someone who is tall, has dark skin and dark eyes, and is very attractive. At this point, Meghan has given up looking for someone who is tall, dark, and handsome. She’s just looking for someone who is kind and has a job.

9 – TEENY TINY – a small; extremely small. Hermione has a terrible fear of bugs and screams whenever she sees even a teeny tiny insect.

10 – TO THINK THIS DAY WOULD NEVER COME – to have trouble believing that something has actually happened, because one has wanted it to happen for a very long time, but did not know whether it was possible. Can you believe Amman and Hannah are getting married tomorrow? I thougt this day would never come.

11 – TURNOVER RATE – a measure of many employees leave an organization and how many new employees are hired over a period of time. Most fast food restaurants have a really high turnover rate.

12 – TO TRACK (SOMEONE) DOWN – to chase or pursue someone or something until that person or thing is captured. The reporter tracked down the person responsible for selling secret information.

13 – TOXIN – something that is poisonous and harmful to living creatures. It’s important to keep cleaning supplies and other toxins away from children.

14 – TO TAKE IT EASY – to relax and not try to do anything that is difficult or challenging. Hal has been really busy at the office these past few weeks, so he’s looking forward to taking it easy on the beach next weekend.

15 – TIMING – when certain things are done or when certain things happen, especially as part of a plan. The police officers’ timing has to be perfect if they’re going to catch the thief before she disappears with the money and jewels.

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